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We’ve been in the eCommerce industry for over 20 years and understand what fast-growing brands need to thrive in today’s market.

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Our story

Upscribe began with a simple mission: to transform the subscription experience for fast-growing eCommerce brands. Customer acquisition has been the sole focus of every brand for the longest time, but it’s no longer a sustainable strategy on its own.

Retention is how brands win in today’s competitive market. As veterans of the eCommerce industry, we realized how current solutions lacked this critical piece of the customer lifetime value puzzle, forcing brands to hack together haphazard solutions.

That’s why we built Upscribe–to give fast-growing brands the competitive edge they need with a post-purchase experience that serves buyers and sellers.

Converting one-time customers into repeat loyal customers is what builds successful eCommerce brands. We believe subscriptions are a critical piece of that puzzle.
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Our values


We believe in being fully transparent, honest and accountable in all aspects of our business. We treat our customers and team as valued partners.


We constantly seek to improve our understanding of the digital landscape and innovate to create the best eCommerce subscription platform on the market.


We strive to delight our customers and do whatever it takes to provide exemplary service.

Our team

co-founder (ceo)

dileepan siva Co-Founder (Ceo)

Dileepan Siva is an eCommerce veteran, who previously led growth teams for several eCommerce SaaS startups including Moovweb, Symphony Commerce and others. He also managed strategic partnerships for Twitter and eBay on social commerce and serves as an advisor to various eCommerce brands and solution providers. Dileepan has a BA from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

co-founder (cto)

nirav sheth co-founder (cto)

Nirav Sheth has grown revenues and increased conversions for digitally native consumer brands as the founder of Anatta, a boutique eCommerce agency, for over a decade. He is one of the industry’s foremost experts on eCommerce strategy, user experience and performance for fast-growing consumer brands. Nirav has a BS in Electrical Engineering from The George Washington University.

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